worki kompensacyjne

Compensation bags

The compensation bag is used to reduce the pressure changes inside the storage chamber, which allows to maintain low oxygen concentrations during the storage period.

analizatory przenosne

Portable analyzers

The portable O2 / CO2 analyzer is used to control the composition of the atmosphere in storage chambers, mushroom farms, and wherever precise information about the composition of the tested gas is needed



The micromanometer is a device used to monitor the pressure differences arising in the storage chamber. It is also helpful in checking the gas tightness class of the chamber.

zawory dekompresyjne

Decompression valves

The decompression valve protects the storage chamber against damage in the event of a large pressure difference between it and the environment. At the same time, it guarantees tightness.

palety systemu gasberry

Gas-tight pallets for GasBerry system

Gas-tight pallets for the GasBerry system.